Our Services

We offer biopharmaceutical research consultant services to a diverse range of clients. Our specialty is building translational research and evidence-based medicine cases and giving you tailored advice to facilitate your R&D projects. We can help to establish the strategic direction of your R&D portfolio, technology platforms and market entry strategies. We also provide due diligence assistance to investors and startup companies.

Our consultant services include:

R&D expert services

R&D expert services


  • —Improving decision-making and efficiency in drug discovery
  • —Pharmaceutical research strategies and personalized therapies
  • —Translational research and development from early discovery phase to proof-of-concept
  • —Target selection, target validation and credentialing, in vitro assay design and assay validation
  • —Druggability assessments, lead selection, ADME, lead optimisation, drug candidate profiling
  • —Predictive in vivo pharmacological models with human relevance – mechanistic and disease models
  • —Evaluation of exploratory results suggesting possible clinical indications
  • —Therapeutic strategies in various disease areas (unmet need, market analysis, risk / benefit)
  • —Experience in autoimmune and immune-mediated, inflammatory, respiratory, cardio-metabolic, oncology, and gastrointestinal diseases and pain therapy
  • Clinical development up to Phase IIb
  • —Intellectual property, competitive landscape, patenting strategies
  • —Licensing and partnering, assessment of R&D project commercial potential

Project management and grants

Project management and grants
  • Business plans and presentations to potential investors
  • —Managing public-private partnerships (grant-funded projects) and alliances
  • —Preparation of project plans from early phases of drug development
  • —Guidance and advice to project teams, project evaluation
  • —Guidance and assistance in writing research grants – experience with research and education grants funded by the EU (Horizon 2020, Erasmus Life Long Learning, Competitiveness Operational Programmes), the Hungarian Government (NKTH, OTKA, ETT, GVOP), and the National Institutes of Health (USA).

Due diligence

Due diligence
  • Review of product development status
  • —Evaluation of product development strategy and market potential
  • —Review of competitors and patent landscape
  • Reports and presentations
  • —Support in due diligence discussions with potential cooperation partners


  • Draft contracts (R&D, technical & process transfer, etc)
  • —Business plans and presentations to potential investors
  • —Assay development and pharmacology reports, SOPs
  • Clinical development documents (synopsis, flow chart, Gantt chart, etc.)
  • —Medical and regulatory documentation, translations